Who We Are 

Connecting actionable insights to new avenues for customer experience innovation, through the lens of financial health

Seymour Consulting is a Canadian for-purpose consultancy with an established financial wellness strategy consulting practice. Our Financial Health Index venture is specialized in leading Canadian organizations – and specifically financial services organizations – to understand and measurably improve the financial health of their customers.

We’re here to help financial services providers support the financial health, wellness and resilience of their customers at scale. In turn, financially resilient consumers create opportunities for engagement, relationship-building, loyalty, reduced credit risk and profitable growth.

We partner with the public sector, social enterprises, fintechs and others who want to make a difference in this emerging field. We specialize in research, advocacy, policy and program support for Canadians, including the underserved. Learn more

What is Financial Health?

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We are a leading independent authority on consumer financial health  in Canada.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the financial health and resilience of Canadians, by measuring consumer financial health in Canada, and creating a new way of looking at ‘money’ and banking, through the lens of consumer financial health.

We aim to help enabe committed financial services innovators to help support their customers’ financial health and ultimately transform the way they ‘deliver banking – to differentiate their brands and drive growth, while helping their customers to think about and manage their financial health and resilience throughout their lives, and over the short, medium and longer term.

Our Vision and Impact

Our vision is to have a positive impact on the financial health and wellness of Canadians, and spearhead customer experience innovation in the financial services industry – geared to real people, and their real issues and pain points – as opposed to financial literacy, financial products or services. Ultimately, we want to help to reduce money stress and pain, as a means to support individual, family and community wellbeing.

Why this Matters?

Promoting financial health is good for consumers, in a number of ways. Money stress is the #1 cause of fights and arguments between couples, and a key contributor to overall wellbeing. Money stress, ‘money lonliness’, and the complexity of naviguating our financial lives has never been greater. Financial institutions are also being hailed as needing to do more to support peoples’ financial lives, rather than ‘product push’ products or services, that may not be in consumers’ best interests.

  • Financial health creates a whole new avenue for customer-focused innovation and good for the financial services industry, while creating positive impact.
  • Financially resilient consumers drive new opportunities for engagement, relationship-building, loyalty, and long-term revenue streams.
  • They also help reduce credit risks for financial institutions, while helping to focus investments and innovation where it counts.

Building on our nation-wide consumer financial health research and proprietary Financial Health Framework, we can help financial services partners to empower and support their customers throughout their financial lives, in relevant and customer-focused ways. Financial institutions have a critical role to play in supporting their customers’ financial health. Our research not only focuses on consumers’ financial health challenges, but how supported they feel by their primary financial institution in supporting their financial health.

Advancing the quality of financial services support, products and advice, through the lens of financial health throughout the lives of customers, promotes mutual long-term benefits for both end consumers, their families and communities – and business benefits for our partners.


Our Team


Eloise Duncan and John Lo of Seymour Consulting are the co-creators of the Financial Health Framework and Financial Health Index.

Eloise Duncan  C.M.C M.A 

Eloise Duncan is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and the founder of Seymour Consulting. Eloise has 20 years’ experience in financial services strategy consulting, customer experience strategy and customer-led innovation. She has led numerous enterprise transformational financial wellness strategy projects for Canadian Credit Unions, and become an expert in consumer financial health and wellness.

John C. Lo  B.A. M.B.A

John C. Lo has 18 years of experience in marketing research and business analytics. John’ experience and expertise in the financial wellness arena includes designing quantitative financial well-being research, identifying behavioural drivers of financial health, conducting customer-level financial wellness segmentation and developing statistical models to determine key financial health indicators and indices.

Associates and Partners

We partner with committed leaders who share our passion for impact in the area of financial health and well-being.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in collaborating with us.